A Million Grains of Sand

Index to A Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles

This index was created by Frances McConihe as a final project for Subject Analysis (LIS-419), a class taught at Simmons College in the spring of 2006 by Professor Candy Schwartz. This is not meant to be an authoratative index; it is the opinion of the indexer that more than one index is advantageous for reading, interpreting, and accessing fiction texts. The indexer attempted to adhere to the tone and language of the text and the time period. Current place names are in parenthesis after the name referred to in the text when the indexer was able to identify the current name. Characters are listed under their first name and their subheadings are in chronological order; all other subheadings are in alphabetical order.

Index to Bowles, P. (1949). The sheltering sky. New York: HarperCollins.

(While a newer edition was printed in September 2005, this edition was selected because all editions previous to 2005 use the same page numbering, making this index applicable to over 50 years of printings.)

The report and slides on the making of this index is available as a downloadable PDFs:


esteemed man of Bou Noura, 153-4
refuses apology from Port, 175-6
plays chess with Tunner in the evenings, 257, 261-2

Abdeslam ben Hadj Chaoui

tea with, 126-9


stopover at, 312

Aïn Krorfa


bus to, 104-13
description of, 119
filthy hotel in, 113-8
flies telling the approach of, 111-3
vs. Bou Noura, 127


champagne, 68, 79-83, 84, 87-8, 93,
Cinzano, 224
cognac, 159, 228
offense to Moslems, 84, 141-2
Pernod, 257
scotch, 161-7
Tio Pepe, 53-4
whiskey, 141


11-69, 313-8

See also: The Casbah


finds Kit in the market, 301-2
intimate relations with Kit, 306-8


not accepted by Abdelkader, 175-6
not accepted with good grace by M. Chaoui, 128-9


Abdelkader, 153-4, 175-6, 257, 261-2
Ahmed, 151, 170, 219, 250
in the fourth-class train compartment, 83-5
like Englishmen dressed up for masquerade, 119
Mrs. Lyle's opinion of, 70-1, 89-90
Kit is helped by a young, 181-94
Lieutenant d'Armagnac and, 147-55
M. Chaoui, 126-9
selling tickets at the Transports Généraux, 173-4, 177
silently meditating, 100-2
spits outside Daoud Zozeph's shop, 212
tea with, 29-31, 36-9, 119, 126-9, 135-6
venerable, praying, 100
vs. French, 115-6


Kit's lack of, 120, 128-9, 161-7
Port's feelings of, 120


host to Kit and Amar, 303-8

Atomic Age



See also: older nomad, wives of Belqassim

meets Kit, 268-9
is a friendly carnal presence for Kit, 272-8
dresses Kit as an Arab boy, 277-8
anxiously guides Kit through an immense dwelling, 280-1
marries Kit, 288-90

Belqassim's family house

See also: desert town, wives of Belqassim

Kit held captive disguised as a boy, 280-7


as Mrs Lyle's "meat", 60
in the fourth-class train compartment, 83-5


Eric and Mrs. Lyle, 53-6, 69-76
Port and Kit, 14-21, 54-5, 64-5, 129-30, 165-8,

blind girl, dancing


blind man





104, 109-10, 181-4

Bou Noura

147-178, 249-63

description of, 256-7
vs. Aïn Krorfa, 127

Boussif (Boucif)


description of, 92
Port and Kit ride bikes through, 98-102
Port rides bike through alone, 103


See: children

bracelets, silver

See also: jewelry

the fathma's jangling, 94
and rings from Belqassim, 282-93
around the slave woman's ankles, 283, 287
two fat women weighed down by massive, 230


83-5, 92, 99, 127, 179, 181, 209, 210, 212, 230-1, 233, 240, 245


Port bribes tickets to El Ga'a, 173
to Aïn Krorfa, 104-13
to El Ga'a, 177-87

Cafe d'Eckmul-Noiseux

13, 199, 317


13-18, 23, 28-31, 92, 119, 305-6, 317-8

Captain Broussard

See also: Lieutenant d'Armagnac

discusses Port's care with Kit, 200-1
refuses Kit milk, 208-9
inquires about Port and Kit's passports, 223-5
gives Port morphine and curses Kit, 228



The Casbah

32-3, 74, 317

See also: Algiers

Central Park

See: New York


Tunner and Abdelkader play in the evenings, 257, 261-2


blind girl dancer, 137-40
frog-faced Othman beguiles Kit, 284-6
in the brothel, 136-40
mournful boy singer, 136
naked, fanning a fire, 280
shouting from the bus, 92
throw stones at Port, 24-5
unconsciously clutching at Tunner, 257
waiting for Port's glass to passed forward, 183


allowing Kit to catch up with time, 282
as a bad sign, 125
doom hanging over Kit's head like a, 43
threatening, 63, 65, 69, 76, 78


103, 105, 140-1, 180, 267, 272

at Port's core of being, 140-1
"cold for days", 158-64
expecting the sky to crack from, 172
offense at Kit's, 128
ride to Sbâ, 195-7
sleep not yet, 300


American, 313-4, 317
British, 71
at Dakar, 309

core of being

See also: cold

coldness of Port's, 140-1
penetrating to the, 167
two, one false and one true, 222


131, 196


in a dream, 18, 124
in Tunner's arms, 231, 234-5
jumble of screaches and, 288
mechanically, like hiccups or belches, 207
mourning the loss of a great part of a life, 217-8
only a few tears, 307
surrenders to a long fit of, 287
while choking on cake, 289
while frantically trying to disengage from Amar, 302

dancing and singing

a little song that Belqassim often sang, 288
a rhythmical refrain with the feast drums, 245-6
blind girl somnambulistically, 137
in a complex rhythm, 181-2
like a child's weeping, 80
monotonous, whining song and rhythmic dance, 286-7
mournful boy singer, 136
querelous refrain, 296
sudden impulse to sing, 247

Daoud Zozeph

See also: Jews

allows Kit to stay the night at his house, 239-45
gives Kit his baby's rations, 213
talks with Kit in his shop, 211-3


sky protecting from, 101


See also: existence

Kit and Port's beliefs about, 237-8
Kit considers her own, 269-70
of abandoned infant, 148-51
of Port, 236-7


Othman acts a fool to deceive Kit, 285


See: landscape

desert town


See also: Belqassim, wives of Belqassim, Amar

Kit held captive in, 280-98


See: illness


howling, barking, 23, 40, 98, 102, 119, 121, 124, 172, 190, 203, 311
most beautiful in Aïn Krorfa, 136
pink, with pale yellow eyes, 114, 117-8, 134
with pink things in their mouths, 149


74-75, 124

Belqassim like a character in a, 288
Kit's dislike of hearing about, 17-20, 44
of a train, 17-8
of being impaled, 231-3, 235
of being suspended beween the sky and the sea, 299
of the sky splitting, 233, 312
Port telling of his sickness like a, 216
Port understands the meaning of a, 74-5
shattered and the light of terror would be constant, 307-8
unable to recall, 12


See also: music, dancing and singing

dry, with a sharp reedy rhaita, 137
in the desert city, 280
Kit feeling no part of, 166
of the feast, beating near the oasis, 240, 245-6
played by the wives of Belqassim, 296
rhythm forming a circle from which Kit cannot escape, 289-90
staccato sound of a hand drum, 29


25, 104, 160, 176, 187, 206-8

horror connected with, 195
seeming less heavy when not seen, 104

El Ga'a


Kit and Port arrive in, 186
legendary, 185
"one of the great Saharan cities", 164
Port wanting to know nothing about, 169

epidemic, meningitis


Eric Lyle

See: Lyle, Eric and Mrs.


drum forming a circle from which Kit could not, 289
feeling there is no, 183
frantically trying to disengage from Amar to, 301-2
from Belqassim, 294-8
from familiar things, 109
from the Casbah, 40-2
from the other side, 302-6
from the sickroom, 210
Kit conquers her desire to, 214
Port wishing to, 166-9
to El Ga'a, 171-87
to Daoud Zozeph's shop, 239-40
to Sbâ, 194-7
toward the center of the desert, 198

European influence

See: Western culture


See also: solitude, isolation

from the world, 221-3


See also: death, time

dream of living life the same way, 17
fear of getting all the way into, 101
finiteness of, 238
in which timeless would surround Kit, 237
Kit pushing against her own, 126
Kit's rediscovery of the joy of, 247-8
like a cigarette, 165-6
like a walk through the countryside, 132
like climbing a cliff, 307
looming pain of, 302
losing dimensions, 222
of exile from the world, 222
other people as rulers of, 44-5
passport as proof of, 198
passport to, 95
Port's validated by Kit watching him, 24, 40
strange langour in the center of, 300
without regret or guilt, 231


Tunner tries to buy, 109-10


See also: omens

akin to a child's, 141
for no reason, 216-7
Kit looks at Port with tenderness and, 218
mistake in fearing omens, 212
Mrs. Lyle motivated by, 91
of being aware of endless seconds, 86
of being forced to look at what she had buried, 304-6
of God, 212
of emotional ties, 105
of everything Port says, 101
of her new sentiment of revulsion, 215
of living, 101
of solitude, 100
of suspended disaster, 43-5
of the horror behind the sky, 312
of the pain, 311
of the ultimate taboo, 214
overwhelming familiar feeling of, 285-6
persuading, 131
that Port may really be ill, 180, 183, 195
that Tunner will get Kit, 34
vaguely terrified, 281
women's voices remind Kit of, 293


See: illness

Fiancée for Rent (movie)


Fifth Battalion of Sharpshooters



in Aïn Krorfa hotel, 113-6
Tunner's intolerance of, 112


See: escape


See: insects


188-9, 192-4


See also: soup

brought by ancient Negro slave woman, 283-6
delicious, 271
inedible, 116, 133, 193-4, 243, 291
intact pastries in a dream, 232
jar of buttermilk, 300
refusal to eat, 286
strange and sour beverage, 292-3


contraband in the Soudan, 305
Daoud Zozeph thinks Kit want to borrow, 241
Eric asks Port for loan, 106-7
Eric comes to repay Port, 121-124
for the blind girl Mohammed asks 1000, 138
Marhnia tries to steal Port's wallet, 40
not recognized by market woman, 300-1
Port bribes an old woman to make tea for 200, 142-4
Port bribes the the Transport Généraux Arab with, 173-4


Mrs. Lyle's opinion of, 55, 70
vs. Arabs, 115-6


211, 230, 240

in a cafe, 29
of M. Chaoui, 127-8
with a pool in which Kit bathes, 246-8


See: children, whores

Grand Hotel



about Tunner, 93, 101-2, 125, 177-8, 231
existence without, 231
over Port's burial, 253-4


Kit avoid Port's searching, 216
Kit rubs Port's cold, 195-6
Port holds Kit's, 183
Port holds Kit's desperately, 216-7
Port's lies in camel dung, 189, 192


at her new existence, 270-4
existence elsewhere, 57
habit of hanging back from, 246
of Port vs. Kit in Africa, 119-20
on good days, 44


29, 119, 139

Helena Rubinstein


See also: make-up


See: fear

Hôtel du Ksar

See also: meningitis

Kit denied entry, 189-92


Grand Hotel (Aïn Krorfa), 113-26
Hôtel du Ksar (El Ga'a), 189-91
Majestic Hotel (Algiers), 316-7


Captain Broussard asks for Port and Kit's papers to verify their, 224
Kit awakens with no feeling of, 300
loss of passport as loss of, 160
Port fancies his new lack of, 169


blindness, young girl affected by, 137, 139
chill, Port's, 164, 179-89
Eric Lyle's infection, 90
Kit feigns, 177-8
leprosy, aged woman with, 279
leprosy, lion faced man with, 85-6
malaria, Mrs. Lyle's, 260
man in the ruin with, 132
meningitis, epidemic in El Ga'a, 191-2, 195-6
nausea, 184, 214
peritonitis, Kit's fear of, 201-2
reduces man to a cloaca, 214
scrofula, children with, 257
sores, babies with, 114
typhoid, Port sick with, 200-236


bedbugsin the Grand Hotel, 123
buzzing of flies, 303
centipede, cut into parts, each able to walk on it's own, 227
children covered in an outer layer of flies, 257
cockroach speared by a knife, 134
flies crawling over faces, 11, 111-114, 132, 303
flies make love on Port's lip, 240
flies telling the approach of Ain Krorfa, 111-4
flies with claws, 164
ground covered in crunching, 23-4
hen as protection against scorpions, 244
huge red ants rushing along, 256
Kit cocooning her mind like an, 267
locusts calling an unceasing scream, 74
louse on Kit's neck, 84
man eating red locusts, 84
mosquitoes, 57
scorpion, Yamina killed by, 150
weevils in soup, 116

intimate relations

between Eric and Mrs. Lyle, 143, 163
between Kit and Amar, 306-8
between Kit and Belqassim, 272-8,
between Kit and the older nomad, 273-5
between Kit and Tunner, 87-88, 93
between Port and Mahrnia, 35-40
between Tunner and a french girl, 48
imaginary, between Port and the young blind girl, 140


See also: solitude, exile

from humanity, 95, 166
from sentiment, 212
Port's awful feeling of, 215-8


jangling bracelets of the fathma, 94
Kit buys her freedom with makeup and, 295-8
Kit tries to return to the wives, 289-90
rings and bracelets from Belqassim, 282-93
silver bangles around the slave woman's ankles, 283, 287
taken from the wives and given to Kit, 288
two fat women weighed down by massive, 230


French as, 55
Kit realizes Daoud Zozeph is a, 211
Mrs. Lyle's opinion of, 72-73
Spain as full of, 72-3

Kit (Katherine Moresby)

See also: Port

and Port
irritated with Port for telling his dream, 17-20
waiting for Port's return to her, 45-6
aim in life opposed to Port's, 100
fears that Port may really be ill, 180
tends to Port, 195-7, 200-10, 213-8
miserable at hearing Port talk, 216-7
mourns the loss of a great part of a life, 217-8
discovers Port is dead, 236
and Tunner
train to Boussif alone with Tunner, 77-88
intimate relations with Tunner, 93
guilt over Tunner, 93, 101-2, 125, 177-8, 231
locked out of the Poste Militaire with Tunner, 233-5
and Belqassim
caught between the older and younger nomad, 271-5
accepts her helplessness, 272
attacked by the slave woman and Belqassim's wives, 286-8
married to Belqassim, 288-90
belief in omens, 43-5
visits the fourth-class train compartment, 83-7
meets man with diseased face, 85-6
offends M. Chaoui, 128
builds a fortress of western possessions, 161-2
view of life, 165-7
befriends a young Arab, 181-94
tries to find lodging in El Ga'a, 187-94
in crisis, 192-3
fear of meningitis contamination, 195-6
meets Daoud Zozeph, 211-3
tells Captain Broussard of Port's stolen passport, 224-5
flees from the Poste Militaire and hides at Zozeph's, 239-45
feels life is suddently there and she is in it, 245-8
Kit turns away from all that had gone before, 267
acting without consciousness, 268, 273, 276
joins a caravan, 268-78
dressed as an Arab boy locked in a small room by Belqassim, 277-88
frozen in familiar terror, 285-6
escapes from Belqassim's house, 294-8
mistaken for a native, 302
tries to break away and hide but betrays herself to the other side, 302-8
fears being made to look at what she had buried, 304-8
intimate relations with Amar, 306-8
refuses to open her eyes, fearing pain, 309-12
faced with the violent blue sky, afraid of the maw behind, 312
becomes docile, and soils herself, 312
escorted by Miss Ferry to the Majestic Hotel, 313-8

L'Echo d'Alger (newspaper)

wrapped around the dead infant, 149-50


ashen, 275-6
becoming impure by passing into consciousness, 168
changing from rock to sand, 185
entering Aïn Krorfa, 112
lacking in sentiment, 212
leaving Algiers, 74-5
negation of movement, suspension of continuity in the night, 226
of Boussif, 92, 98-9
of Aïn Krorfa, 119
of M. Chaoui's garden, 127
of Sbâ, 203
of the desert at it's best in the half-light of dawn or dusk, 268
of the desert city, 282-3
senseless, 160-1


See: illness

Lieutenant d'Armagnac

See also: Captain Broussard

investigates the strangled infant, 148-51
becomes unpopular with the natives, 150-2
learns of the american who lost his passport, 152-5
opinion of Americans, 154
meets Port, 156-60
tells Port his passport has been recovered, 170-1
talks with Tunner, 219-221, 250-6


See: existence


Kit's for Amar, 307
Kit's for Port, 45-6, 99-100, 234-5
Port feels he has lost, 140
Port shut away from, 100
Port's for Kit, 24, 105-6, 130-2, 215-8
Tunner obsessed with Kit out of vanity and pity but not, 254


See: oud

Lyle, Eric and Mrs.

Mrs. Lyle's opinion of French, 55, 70
Eric meets Port, 58-61
Eric compares his relationship to his mother with marriage, 60
drive Port to Boussif, 69-76
Mrs. Lyle's opinion of Arabs, 70-1, 89-90
Mrs. Lyle's opinion of Jews, 72-3
Mrs. Lyle's reveals Eric's infection, 90
in Ain Krorfa, 116-124
Eric comes to repay Port, 121-4
arrive in Bou Noura, 258
Tunner catches Eric going through his things, 262-3

M. Chaoui

See: Abdeslam ben Hadj Chaoui

Majestic Hotel



Kit applies, 46, 86, 176, 202, 291
Kit applies in the fourth-class train compartment, 84
Kit applies with Belqassim's wives, 297-8
laying between the hostile air and Kit's body, 195


See: Soudan



See also: Smail

Mark Cross


See also: make-up


streets like, 22-8, 188-9, 232, 280




191-2, 195-6

See also: illness


blackmarket for passports, 158-60
Tunner and the Lyles go to Messad, 123-4


Captain Broussard denies Kit, 208-9
Daoud Zozeph gives Kit his baby's rations, 213

Milky Way

See also: stars

like a rift across the sky, 25

Miss Ferry

sent to pick up Kit and deliver her to the plane home, 313-9


114, 134

takes Port to brothel, 135-44
tells Port about Eric and Mrs. Lyle's relationship, 143


See: francs

Moresby, Port and Kit

See: Port, Kit


new moon in the mirror, 168
on the dunes, above Kit and Tunner, 233-5
shining like a cold white sun, 230
violent light from, 245

Mrs. Lyle

See: Lyle, Eric and Mrs.


102, 126, 211


279-80, 296

See also: radios, dancing and singing, oud, drums

at Kit and Belqassim's marriage, 288-90
at the bordj, 181-2
at the brothel in Ain Krorfa, 136-7
cockcrow like a melody, 25
faint sound of an accordian, 206
flutes by the fire, 273-4
one long-drawn-out bugle note, 102
solitary man playing a flute, 119

New York

14, 20, 108, 127, 254-5, 261

See also: Western culture

old Negro slave woman


See also: Belqassim

attempts to poison Kit, 292-4

older nomad

See also: Belqassim

argues with Belqassim, 275
bristling and alien animal, 273
stops Belqassim from embracing Kit, 271-2


125-6, 212

See also: fear, Kit

champagne as a good, 79-81
Kit cringing before her, 125-6
Kit talks with Daoud about, 212
Kit would now be, 268
Kit's belief in, 43-5
Tunner's magic as good, 66
wind as a bad, 207



other worlds

See also: fear

drawn up from a well of absolute night, 300
fourth-class train compartment as a, 84-5
Kit as a storm-lashed, tropical, 217
Port far away and alone in, 216
Port imagines, 166-8
Port wakes from, 11, 200, 210, 215-6, 221-3, 227-8
the room as, 227-8
shaped like a cube, 180
shifting dimensions in, 221-3
tears as currency in, 166
friendly carnal presence in an unrecognizable, 272


See also: Belqassim

sent to spy on Kit, 284-85

oud (lute)

29-31, 127-9

See also: music



at the oasis, 270
male vs. female, 127
spearlike shadows from, 230


as identity, 160, 198
Captain Broussard inquires about Port and Kit's, 223-5
Abdelkader accused of stealing, 154-8
Port conceals recovery from Kit, 175
Port fancies lack of, 169
blackmarket for in Messad, 158-60
realization that Eric Port stole Port's, 159-63
recovered by Tunner, 170-1
to existence, 95
Tunner unaware of Eric Lyle's theft, 258


at being alone, abandoned, lost, hopeless, cold, 140
Tunner's overtures toward Kit made out of, 254


given to Kit, 292-4
given to Lieutenant d'Armagnac, 151-2

Port (Porter Moresby)

See also: Kit

feels his center is a core of sadness, 11
encounter with Marhnia the dancer, 35-40
meets Eric and Mrs. Lyle, 53-61
rides with the Lyles to Boussif, 69-76
aim in life opposed to Kit's, 100
faith in Kit's loyalty, 34, 106
lends money to Eric Lyle, 107
feeling of leaving the familiar, 109
goes with Mohammed to brothel, 135-44
asks Mohammed to arrange for the blind girl, 138-40
feels he has lost love, 140
demands tea from an old woman, 142-4
learns of Eric and Mrs. Lyle's intimate relations, 143
reports that Abdelkader stole his passport, 156-60
"cold for days", 158-64
view of life, 165-8
passport recovered by Tunner, 170-1
desperate to escape to El Ga'a with Kit, 171-8
becomes very ill, 178-89
on a straight course to the desert's center, 198
very ill with typhoid, 200-18, 221-3, 227-8, 231-3, 235
wakes, desperate to talk to Kit, 215-8
awful feeling of aloneness, 216
fights the room, 227-8
dreams of being impaled, 231-3
pierces the fine fabric of the sky in a dream, 235


See: Western culture


See also: music

playing "I am Weeping Upon Your Grave", 121
playing Radio Oran in the dining room, Egyptian music in the kitchen, 133
sending forth hysterical screams, 16

Red Mosque of Djenné



See also: love

affected by an extra, mysterious element, 130-1
between Kit and Belqassim on caravan, 271-80
Kit bored by Tunner, 46
Kit hoping for Port to claim her, 45
Kit tells Tunner that she loves Port, 234-5
Kit's reliance on Port, 83
Port decides to abandon pursuit of Kit, 130-3
Port desires to strengthen his and Kit's, 105-6
Port realizes he lives for Kit, 217
Port's existence validated by Kit watching him, 24, 40


Kit surrenders to Tunner, 231


See: landscape

Rue de la Mer Rouge



always in Aïn Krorfa, 127
at the core of consciousness, 11
dream of infinite, 124
never in Aïn Krorfa, 128
of sunset, 99


"a small place", 317
as a powerful, half-conscious entity, 251
El Ga'a as one the great cities, 164
Mme. d'Armagnac wanting to spend her life in, 148
not as dirty as people say, 172
pleasurable agitaion at travelling deeper into, 109
tea in the, 37-9
withstanding the loss of unique culture, 16



description of, 203
truck to, 193-7

sheep's head, severed





as terror for Kit, 100
leave-taking in, 240
locus of hostile forces, 227
of the Sahara, 202, 233, 251
of the street, 298
of the ultimate degree, 180
Port's love of, 100
sounds no more than variations on, 300
surrounding Kit in the locked room, 281
while Kit bathes in the oasis, 247


See: dancing and singing


black and frowning, 69
black star piercing the fine fabric of, 235
cracks from nocturnal cold, 172
drawn up from a well of absolute night, 300
intense, too blue, 160
like a metal dome grown white with heat, 275
like the head, always turning around and around, 307
limpid, burning, 282
meets earth with a pulsating haze, 203
Port feels stronger than, 168
protected by the thin, 222-3
protection from darkness, 101
shifting colors playing on, 110
violent blue, 312
white, 42



See also: Marhnia


See: crying


See also: isolation, exile

Port's love of, 100, 131

Soudan (Sudan)

171, 283, 299-312

Soudanese man

talks with Kit, 184-5
helps Kit find lodging in El Ga'a, 187-94


See also: food

bits of rabbit fur in, 133
weevils in, 116
Zina brings for Port, 205, 214


Mrs. Lyle's opinion of, 72-3


165, 197, 206, 242

bright in the clear sky, 104
hard, flaring, 103
in the square of sky framed by the window, 165
point of darkness in the night sky's clarity, 235
turning sideways, 226


crowded with people, 17, 317-8


like mazes, 22-8, 188-9, 232, 280


always in Aïn Krorfa, 127
as the whole sky, 275
burning, on Port and Kit's arrival in Africa, 14, 98-9
dazzling, with terrible brightness, 303
fixing Kit like a serpent's eye, 282
horror connected with, 195
Kit's fears that it will shrivel her thoughts, 302
like a reading glass, 190-1
making Port feel colder, 159
reflected red across the salt sebkha, 42


23, 131, 286-7

See also: omens


gives Kit strength, 208
in a Boussif cafe, 92
in the Sahara, 37-9
men in the streets of Ain Krorfa making, 119
Mrs. Lyle's insistence on, 75-6, 117-8, 260-1
Port demands, 142-4
with M. Chaoui, 126-9
with cakes at the marriage, 290
with Marhnia, 36-9
with Mohammed at the brothel, 135-6
with Smail, 29-31, 36-9


Kit wants to send to end the game, 294-5
tries frantically to send, 304


See: fear


305, 312


always continuing, 208
expressed as wind, 215
fear of, 86
feeling that it is being wasted, 36-7 46
going nowhere, 269
meaningless in Kit's new existence, 237-8
night landscape suggesting a suspension of, 226
non-existent, 133, 177
one cloudy day would allow Kit to catch up with, 282
playing tricks, 247-8
suspended in a vacuum, 86


See: Berbers


vs. traveler, 13-4, 108


Kit and Tunner take to Boussif alone, 77-88


vs. tourist, 13-14, 108


See also: palms

cypress, 189
fig, 124
twisted, hung with rags, 131
tamarisk, Kit emerges from under, 267-8
weeping tamarisk, Kit hides under, 248


to Sba, 193-7
Tunner arrives in Sba by, 229-30


Kit's opinion of, 46
pursuit of Kit, 47-9, 65-8, 77-83, 87-8
friendship with Port and Kit, 67-8
train to Boussif alone with Kit, 77-88
tries to buy falcons, 109-10
horrified by the filth of the Grand Hotel, 113-4
goes with the Lyles to Messad, 123-24
learns the Port and Kit are in Sbâ, 219-21
arrives in Sbâ, 230
locked out of the poste militaire with Kit, 233-5
guilt over Port's burial, 252-4
waits in Sba for Kit's return, 251-63
plays chess with Abdelkader, 257, 261-2
is disgusted by Eric Lyle, 259-60
catches Eric going through his things, 262-3
waiting at the Majestic for Kit, 316-7

The War

14-16, 29-30, 95, 108

Western culture

See also: assimilation

groceries from, 52
no sign of influence from, 187
possessions as protection, 161-2, 195
post-war politics, 14-16, 29-30, 95, 108
squalid invocations of, 57-8


at the brothel in Aïn Krorfa, 135-9
Captain Broussard believes Kit is a, 224-5
dressed in white, 135
Kit mistaken for a, 302-3
Lieutenant offers to Tunner, 255-6
Mahrnia, 30-40
workaday, 136


as a bad omen, 206-8
blowing from one part of the earth to another, 131
blowing over the vast sebka, 25
celebrates Kit's new depth of solitude, 218
marking the passage of time, 215
no longer blowing, 223
rising, bringing dust, 25, 176, 306
senseless monologue, 217
splitting of the sky and the advance with the speed of a million, 233
swaying the lofty palm tops, 127
words blowing into Port's head like, 221

wives of Belqassim

See also: Belqassim, Othman

send Othman to to spy on Kit, 284-5
tear Kit's diguise from her revealing her identity, 287
punished at Kit and Belqassim's marriage, 288-90
attempt to dispose of Kit, 287-94

Yamina ben Rhaissa


See also: Lieutenant d'Armagnac


201, 205, 208

See also: Captain Broussard